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POWERFUL-RUN is a marathon information site that introduces a wide range of runners, from first-time marathon challengers to those aiming for a record, to everything from how to enter a marathon to how to train for one.

You like running but have never run a marathon. I want to run a marathon for the purpose of dieting, and I enjoy it when I start running.

We hope this site will be of interest to such people.

We named this site "POWERFUL-RUN" with the idea of enjoying life by "running powerfully!


This site mainly consists of the following contents.


Contents of this article

  • Content for full marathon beginners
  • How to train for a full marathon
  • Details about full marathon events
  • Running shoes and recommended goods

The reason I started managing this site is because I studied ergonomics during my graduate school days, and I want to tell many people that they can become faster on their feet if they do this more.

Administrator Information

Age: 26 years old

Gender: male

Occupation: Office worker

Hobbies: Running, sports

Marathon History

Full marathon: 3:44:15

Half marathon: 1:39:10

My goal is to achieve sub 3.


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