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How often is running or jogging a diet? Before or after meals?



Is jogging or running effective for weight loss?

How often do you want to do this?

Should I run before or after meals?

Should I do it every day?

How to build muscle?


We can solve these problems.


Contents of this article

  •  The Effects of Running
  •  Running times
  •  Recommended frequency of running for weight loss

Anyone can start jogging or running as a casual exercise.


If you are reading this article, you too may be interested in losing weight through running.

If you are going to run, you want to run effectively for your own purposes.


In particular, you are also interested in the time and frequency of running, which is effective for weight loss.


Since everyone has different fitness levels and time available, it is important to run at a pace that suits you.

Therefore, this article will explain the time of day and frequency of running for the purpose of weight loss, respectively.


Let us explain in turn.


What are the benefits of running?

Running is easy for anyone to start, but it has many benefits.

Running Benefits

  1.  Good for weight loss
  2.  Good for your health
  3.  Can build muscle


Good for weight loss




As everyone is most concerned about right now, running has weight loss benefits.


Running is performed continuously and for long periods of time, unlike short-term exercises such as muscle training.


This is called aerobic exercise, and it burns more energy than other movements.


Therefore, excess energy, body fat, is burned to produce energy for running.


This mechanism allows for weight loss.

Good for your health

Running is good for your health.

Some studies have shown that a running habit increases life expectancy by as much as three years.

It is a surprising result, isn't it?



It is also said that moderate exercise once or twice a week will increase your level of happiness!

Running can relieve stress that has built up in your daily life.

However, excessive exercise may increase the load and cause stress in the opposite direction.

It is recommended that running be done within a reasonable range.

Can build muscle

Running is hard on the legs and helps build muscles, mainly in the lower body.

It also builds muscles in the abdominal area and is effective in breaking up abdominal muscles.


Running also puts a load on the heart, which can be expected to improve cardiopulmonary function.

As you can see, there are many other benefits besides weight loss, so running is highly recommended.

Before meals is the recommended time for running for weight loss.

You may be wondering when to go for a run.

In fact, running before a meal is a great way to lose weight.

The reason for this is that your body has less excess energy and therefore burns fat more easily.

Running before a meal burns 20% more fat than after a meal.



But please do not overeat!




After meals is recommended for muscle building.

After a meal, the body is replenished with nutrients from the meal, allowing for a higher quality of running.

It is also more effective because the energy gained from the meal can be converted directly into muscle mass.


However, if you start running immediately after eating, you may experience pain in your armpits.

This is largely due to the up-and-down motion caused by running, which pulls on the stomach and diaphragm and rubs the organs against each other.

Running causes a lack of oxygen.

So, in order to take in more oxygen, the diaphragm spasms and the armpits become painful.

Therefore, if you wait at least an hour after eating before exercising, the pain in the abdomen will go away.

Please see this article for more information on recommended running times for those who want to build muscle.




How often should I run?

If you start running to lose weight, you may be wondering how often to practice.

Since everyone has different levels of fitness and time available to them, it is important to run at a pace that suits you.

In this article, we will compare running every day to running every other day.

Running every day


  1.  Can lose weight fast
  2.  Get into the habit of running
  3.  Easy to feel the effect


By running every day, you will double the amount of exercise and lose weight faster than if you run every other day.

This will also increase your motivation, as you will see the effects of your weight loss day by day.

In addition, by running every day, it becomes a habit, and when running becomes normal, it is easier to continue.



The following are some of the disadvantages.


  1.  Increased risk of injury
  2.  High physical and mental strain
  3.  Hampers muscle growth


Running every day causes fatigue in the body.

And fatigue increases the risk of injury, such as falling and injuring yourself or straining a muscle while running.

As a result, you may not be able to run anymore.

In addition, the stress of running every day, both physically and mentally, may cause you to stop running.

Running is a full-body, aerobic exercise, which causes muscle soreness.

Muscle soreness is a sign that your muscles are growing, and it takes about 48 hours for them to recover.

If you run every day, your muscles cannot rest and grow.

Running every other day.


  1.  Can reduce the risk of injury.
  2.  Easy for beginners to keep up.
  3.  Less mental strain.

The main advantage of running every other day is that it reduces the risk of injury.

If a beginner runs every day, he or she will overdo it and increase the risk of injury.

It is also much easier mentally because there is no pressure to run every day.


The following are some of the disadvantages.


  1.  Effectiveness is difficult to show
  2.  Loses motivation after a rainy day
  3.  Forgets to run

If you run every other day, it will be harder to see the weight loss effects of that running.

This may cause you to wonder if it really works, and you may end up quitting.

In fact, it is very effective, so it is important to keep going.

Also, if it rains a lot and you have a hard time doing your running, you will not be motivated.

Furthermore, if you do it every other day, it is difficult to get into the habit and you may forget to do your running.

Recommended diet for beginners

Beginners should run every other day and before dinner.

Beginners are not used to running and are more prone to injury.

Therefore, it is important to reduce the risk of injury as much as possible by doing it every other day.

If you get injured and cannot continue your diet, there is nothing you can do.

However, since everyone's fitness level and the amount of time they can take differ, it is important to run at a frequency and time that suits you.



In this article we have included:


  •  What are the benefits of running?
  •  Before meals is the recommended time for running for weight loss.
  •  Frequency of running
  •  Recommended for beginners


Running to lose weight is very effective.

It is also important to continue to do so.

See also this article.



By running at the right time for you, you can achieve your ideal body.

Also, if you are interested in running and would like to run a marathon, please click here.


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